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Four volume settings Flat enough to fit in a greeting card Micro USB port for charging
A bit expensive for what it is No loop or random play modes Tinny speaker
I've always wanted something like this for projects. It is a little expensive for what it does, however. Although it arrived with ten mp3 files it seems to only be able to play one track. There is no loop or random play, the latter of which would be nice for a DIY panic/BS button toy.

As far as sound files, it doesn't seem to recognise stereo mp3 files so you'll have to convert to mono. In my limited testing both 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz worked at 128 kbps. With no sound files the module emitted a police siren sound when triggered.

7.1 MB usable storage space. Write speed is a little slow, a few minutes to transfer a 4 MB song. Depending on source material it can be quite loud. Comes fitted with 100 mAh rechargeable li-ion cell. There is no indicator to reflect stage of charge.
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