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-great clouds -nice airflow -good taste -looks not bad
-leakages -wobbly top -propriatary drip tip -huge -tank juiceflow spins around all the time without resistance -while top airflow ring has a very stiff twist; almost stuck
at fist i kinda liked it, after a bit of leaking/tweaking at first i got it working nice, you CAN get some nice fat clouds and nice taste... but after a while of using it now, kinda annoyed, it's always at the point of leaking and constantly seeping/ozzing out a film of juice on the outside of the glass idk what's wrong with it, i heard people had to change some o-rings , but its not very obvious and i dont care to engineer this thing all over's still in my rotation after a few weeks tho, i'm trying to use it, but it's just been kind of a hassle and i'm a bit annoyed with it. i have another clone in black that is a bit better, seems manufactered a bit better tolerance-wise.., yeah that black one is quite ok... but this one hm nahh
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