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1. Build quality of machining is well done 2. Superb performance (flavor is intense) 3. Easy post-less deck 4. Big space deck for big coils 5. Dual , triple or quad coils setup 6. Dual or quad AFC 7. Decent 3 ml e-liquid tank capacity 8. Ultem 2 in 1 Drip tip chamber cap
1. One of the post screw doesn't all the way in 2. No filling port 3. Spit back guard (like the original)
This is an excellent RDTA copy by Steam Tribe. The flavor is intense right outta this RDTA and build deck is easy for dual, triple or quad coils (triple and quad is kinda overkill in my opinion). Just measure and cut the tail to the same length of each coils so you get the same height when screw it on. The gold plated color isn't that shinny and it looks more like a brass color. It has a very big space for big coils. Airflow is smooth on both dual and quad airflow. Also it is capable for restrictive DTL if turn down the AFC to the minimum. No problems with all the o-rings, they are thick and everything is fits tightly. Ultem 2 in 1 drip tip chamber cap is great as it doesn't get super hot after a few pulls. I saw some picture the original RDTA with a spitback guard on the ultem cap but this clone doesn't come with it. One of the post screw is bad cause it doesn't screw all the way in to tighten the coil but an easy fix by replacing it with the spare pot screw that came in the package. There is no fill port but i just fill e-liquid through one of the wicking hole. Don't get mistaken by the tiny hole on the deck for a fill port, it is a hole for air pocket to escape when you are filling it. It is well worth the money for an excellent performing RDTA and I'll buy another one for spare. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Note that : Alpine RDTA SKU7123301 chamber can be fitting on the Vitamin.
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