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size is small
the plastic top cap can't use any other drip tips if the threads on the cap is stripped you are screwed
It comes in a small folding carton box with foam protection. Has a spare glass, spare O rings, spare occ head. One head is preinstalled in the tank itself. Mine came with the top cap slightly crooked when screwed in therefore it leaks a little a the top when the tank in horizontally placed. But after using awhile the top cap suddenly realigned itself with the tank when screwed down. The top cap and drip tip are integrated together as one and is made of plastic..they should have made them by stainless steel and it will last. If you miss align the threads when screwing down and it gets are screwed and the tank would be rendered useless. Mine came with 2 pieces 0.28 ohms coil. The tank gets very very hot when chain vaping and its really really hot and it guzzel e liquid like nobodys business. Flavour from this tank is not bad and better than my artic tank. This tank is very airy and those who perfer MTL..this is not the tank for you. But if you like airy tank...then this is for you. It is airer than my TFV4, arctic, herakles, TFV4 micro...and really airy tank. Oh yes...when you screw down the top cap after refill its very hard to unscrew it even when i have placed some silicone gel on the threads and rubber seals. This is really a con and what i did was tie some rubber bands around the drip tip and use the rubber bands to create more friction to unscrew it. The should have made some notches or anything for grip when unscrewing this top cap. I will not recommend this tank but if you like the size of it (i like the size of this tank) then by all means go for it but its really a troublesome little tank which is hard to refill even its a top filler due to hard to unscrew top cap.
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