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Overall   (3.7)
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Flavor Easy build AF
*Fill port needs a smaller bottle tip to work right *That little screw that holds the top collar on is a pain. Drip tip is a few mm too small Screws are a bitch to tighten with the screw driver provided.
This thing has impressed me now I've had a week to use it. I used .6ohm ss claptons SKU 5134606 in it and it chucks with fantastic flavor per the juice I make. I used it wide open but have restricted the top and bottom AF in different configurations and it gives a lot of options to your vape experience. I like it wide open best for big DL hits.

Arrived very clean and was easy to build on apart from the collar screw which is ok if you have good eyes, tweezers and a steady hand but putting it in by hand isn't a fun. My eyes are not what they use to be and I have set it in backwards already only to have to pop it out and start over.

This would be better with hex grubs instead of the shallow Phillips it comes with especially that collar screw. Shes a thirsty bugger so you refill often and the fill port is useless with standard bottle tips. I got SKU 1583201 and they work well with this atty. These tips are sold separately here without the bottle also

The DT has grown on me and I'm ok with it but a few mm's more would have been better as that metal gets hot and touching your lips to it isn't pleasurable. I'm hoping for a V2 of this item and hope they give attention to these issues I have stated. All in all I would still buy another one as the pros out weigh the cons imo..
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