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Great looking Sturdy Heavy
TC not very accurate Battery door not closing flush Gets warm
I like this mod. It's pretty, quite heavy (i like that) and does the job well, at least on power mode. Love the physical on/off switch.
The negatives, well..
- I've yet to build a 316L coil that plain works with the default SS setting in the TC selection. Although you can set TCR i don't think it is very accurate for TC vaping. My old eVic VTC with ArcticFox does a better job.
-The battery door doesn't close flush, it has a slight gap. And without batteries it won't stay closed. I do think they fixed this issue, cuz my mate ordered one about two months after i got mine and his doesn't have this issue.
- It gets warm. Due to it being all metal it will get warm in your hand. Your body heat and the heath transfer from the tank on top and the battery/electronics inside makes the whole device pretty warm. Not hot, but still pretty warm. I found myself blowing air onto the palm of my hand when chain vaping for a while. Never done that with other mods.
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