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- Tiny - Ring/Hole for attaching with a keyring or chain - Super cheap - Immitation leather sheath to cover knife blade
- Sheath is not tied on to anything so could possibly fall off and get lost.
I bought this for attaching to my survival fire starter, the small brick of magnesium kind that has a strip of flint down one side. The steel scraper/striker that came with the original fire starter was really crap so I replaced it with this. This is a much better design and should hopefully not rust up as easily as the old one.

In case anyone is wondering the blade is rather thick and has a steep angle of sharpening. It's not thin and razor sharp like a kitchen knife but more like a chizel. Kind of sharp but not razor sharp. Perfect buntness for me becuase I am using this as a scraper/striker for my fire starter and do not want something I can easily slice my hand open with while lighting a fire.

Finish is rougher and not shiny and mirror like the other EDC tool I got of the same FURA brand.
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