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Annoying little rta. Its either an slightly airy MTL or Clouds bro with the 2 different sized silicone reducers. Effectively eleminating my style of vaping which is inbetween those two, slightly restricted lung hit. Clouds bro setup with even a giant coil is so airy i can barely taste flavors. Closed off its very flavorful but the dumb airflow design on the outside doesnt make sense. You can hear/feel the air only coming in from one side... its not as smooth as say a subzero rda with the same type of design.

Its very easy to build on and wick. Condensation builds up inside and has no where to go but into the intake and down your mod. Silicone inserts just dont make sense right next to your coil! I havent burnt mine yet but you want ur coil by the air... no way am i trying to vape a burnt silicone flavored juice.

Filling is a pain. Gotta hold the base from spinning when unscrewing the top. The annoyance factor in that will make you wonder why.. just why?

Might be worth it for MTLers for a lowpro look. Way too much hassle for me. Defeats the purpose of a rta, or an rda. The middle ground between the two were not met.
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