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Excellent Build Quality Excellent Design Fantastic Flavor Very Clean Simple to Build Great Price Leak Resistant Simple Design Both DL and MTL Vaping Good Capacity
Filled from Bottom(Subjective) Not for Larger Complex Wires. Acrylic Tank No Spare Tank No Logos
This little Tank is very well made, considering the price. It arrived clean with no traces of machine oil. However, I do recommend a good wash prior to usage. It has a simple design, with only a few parts, which can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Despite being small, it has a decent capacity and is forgiving and easy to build. This tank is a flavor chaser and provides fantastic flavors and great throat hits. It’s very easy to fill and designed to be Leak Resistant with its floating deck. It is not however without cons: the acrylic tank it has may have a short lifespan with some juices and constant disassembly. The AFC covers a wide range, from MTL to DL, although direct lung vaping is restricted, or for some very restricted. There are no included spare tanks and having a small deck makes this tank ideal for smaller wires and builds. If you like using Clapton, twisted and other complex wires for your coils, you may want to look elsewhere. Overall, this tank is an excellent RTA, and with such low price, a highly recommended tank.
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