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small elegant feels nice in hand powerful takes arctic fox
button tactile buttons are flimsily and touchie
I love it, it feels really nice and i put on it a smok v12 just for giggles, it is almost as big as the mod itself.
the screen is a little bigger than the pico 75w, it is about on pico size from the front and 2 from the back. really compact. and the finish is amazing.
i put a 25mm melo 4 on it and it hung over the edge a little but not that much or even noticeable.
it is really good with arctic fox and i couldn't be happier switching between my pico 75w and this one. pico still my out and about one tho. i think those 2 are amazing mods.
however the plastic buttons on +/- are flimsy and i find myself having to lock the mod just because the get stuck inside get them unstuck just tap the mod on the side couple of times it gets back in place .
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