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small, well built, no leakage (don't fill the tank all the way up), up-gradable software small and elegant removable battery excellent versatile tank. ecl coils compatible (max VG is smooth)
you will out grow it quickly(if you are tight on budget get pico mega or something similar). this particular finish is not very durable. stock coils awful. outdated tank yet strong tank.
Do yourself a favor ditch the stock ec coils and get those "Authentic Eleaf ECL Coil Head (5-Pack) sku# 5489004", and look Arcticfox custom software. and you got a little cloud demon.

I have another pico 75W that has been used for over a year now and going strong with absolutely no issues. I gave it up to my ex because I gave up on vaping,and it's hassles, then went back to smoking. I have been out of the game for a while until i noticed how much the sub ohm tanks have improved. I found that eleaf lasts the most out of any apv boxes i owned. so after i gave away all my gear, i wanted to get back to the vaping game with something small and agile. I looked at the pico almost immediately and noticed that all the newer versions had plastic components and l decided to stick with the old and tried pico 75W.

I was satisfied with the original stock setup with melo III it was okay, nothing impressive, once i wanted more i looked into what i can do to push the limits. Arcticfox made it 10 times more enjoyable to use, then i put the ECL coil and i can tell you, it is amazing. I smoke max vg and my clouds are enjoyable for a small compact cheap durable mod.

Melo III is compatible with tones of coils, but i am sticking with my ECL coils they are very smooth and cheap.

but that is it for me I hit the limits of my mod, and I will upgrade to something else. However, i am never giving up this great little pocket mod until it gives up on me.
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