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love the finish (bright/jet blk) nice features simple small screen lock wattage up/down buttons system lock small and compact
that annoying "new coil"? question finger print magnet
I love the snow wolf mods..always have...I own 4, 2 of witch are the glass panel ones...Yes they are finger print magnets and I'm always wiping them..but I do that with all my mods anyway....If you take a break from vaping it for maybe 5-10 min. or so it will ask "new coil" and it is on the "no" position automatically so I just press fire button twice when I haven't vaped for 5 min or becomes 2nd nature...small simple to use screen controlled by left right touch arrows..Mostly use in power mode but have used tc and it works...I don't usually vape over I can't attest to true 200+ wattage..but is perfect for my style of vaping well with Peerless, TM, Goon 1.5 as well as some old school rda's and have used an array of mini rta's and love them as well..This was a purchase to add to my collection..Works as stated and imho is a sexy mod...
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