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- airflow range from restricted DTL to "not too loose" MTL - tiny by design and smooth airflow - leak proof
- NO REPLACEMENT TANKS AVAILABLE - tanksection is produced a micromillimeter to tight so it is prone to cracking from the start, it will be cracked on arrival* and will potentially over time crack even more *cannot stress this enough: it is a matter of production by SJMY not an issue due to fasttech or delivery
This would be one of the finest tanks ever on Fasttech respectively designed by DEE Design.

I have now 3 of them, two by SJMY and one by SXK (same issue).

Although this copy by SJMY is pretty well made and 1:1 in general it has to be stated that the quality of the tanksection is more than questionable (see photo).

I and many others for sure would like to see at least some replacement tanks sold here seperately.

It is very strange to have this amount of replacement tanks for almost every other RTA on display but this one with the well known production issues of all the other RTAs is sold with no replacement parts whatsoever.
Hence despite the fact vaping performance wise this one is among the best devices currently out there I cannot recommend this tank (as it is on display here right now) at all.
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