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Superior build quality Perfect for MTL Great price Easy to build Near perfect machining
Absolutely none
If you MTL and enjoy flavor the Nectar is top notch. I already own 3 of the standard size and decided to give this one a try, not disappointing at all! The deck configuration is a bit different where the air is drawn horizontally into the chimney rather than through the bottom. I've noticed this intensifies flavor slightly. The small juice capacity is excellent to keep it super tiny as well as having reserve rather than just a straight dripper. Steam Tribe makes this particular clone, quality of machining and fit is exemplary. I also bought one of SKU:6557100 and they're identical yet this one is cheaper. The bell cap on this one is the same as SKU:6557100 which was a welcome surprise because I prefer it without the extra "heat fin". Except the tank ring everything is stainless including the hex screws which have smooth threading. I will certainly be buying another one of these along with some replacment tank sections SKU:3976401
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