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Machining Deck No leaks
Machine oil JFC spins on refill Flavor or lack thereof
I'll be brief as I'm pissed with this atty. Wanted to love this but I was hugely disappointed.

Firstly JFC spins when you open the top cap, as the two o-rings that attach the chimney to the top cap are too tight. Doesn't matter how well I lubricate them or whether I remove the drip tip or not, it will spin either way. Only way to avoid that and consequent flooding is leaving the drip tip on and holding it firmly so that the whole bell cap-chimney part won't spin. Obviously changing out the o-rings for thinner ones would also work - if you got any at hand.

Deck is great and a breeze to attach coil and wick, only you need to lower the coil as far down as possible or you'll get a lot of throat hit. Draw is nice, smooth and quiet and works well for MTL - although this is primarily a DL tank.

What the big disappointment was for me is the flavor, which to put it politely is pretty damn piss poor. It is as bad as the KF5 and that says a lot. Maybe I'm a terrible builder, but with such great taste coming out the GTII, the KF mini3 or the hurricane junior - to mention but a few - I got no time to play around with this.

This goes on my list of atties for use with plain nic base only as I like the draw
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