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Excellent Design Excellent Quality Excellent Flavor Made of Titanium Alloy Very Lightweight Easy to Build Two Titanium Drip Tips Wide AFC Range Included Glass Tank
Strong Machine Oil Traces Terrible Included O-Rings Poor Glass Tank Fit Leaking
This tank is a great flavor chaser. Being made from titanium, it's very light. It's also very well designed and easy to Build with a lot of room for flexibility. It has a very nice AFC and JFC design that makes this tank a very capable flavor chaser, which produces moderate amounts of Vaper. Unfortunately, at the least, the one I received, had a very strong smell of oil out of the box, and required extensive cleaning before it became usable. It also has some serious flaws with improper size o-rings that caused leaking: bad enough to make it too unstable to take out as an everyday tank. It specifically had very bad o-rings holding the tank at the top and the bottom. The tank was completely loose. So, I replaced the too wide/too loose top o-ring, with two o-rings. An inner small diameter o-ring sitting near where the chimney is screwed to the top cap, and another larger ring along the outer rim of the top cap, so the two would pinch and hold the glass from both sides, at the top as it is meant to be with one o-ring, for filling.
The o-ring under the deck is also too small, and does not fully seal the tank, causing slow leaks. Unfortunately, it's an odd size, and among all my tanks, spares and Home Depot inventory I have not yet found one the fits properly. I will update this review if I ever can. It is because of this slow leak, I am reluctant to take this tank out of my home and just use it as a desktop vape machine. It is a real pity, because the parts of this tank are top notch and the tank itself is one hell of a great flavor chaser with restricted both MTL and DL draws. If we consider only the fit and finish of parts of this tank, it will get the highest marks. But unfortunately with o-rings also being the necessary parts of this tank, I have no choice but to subtract a few points. I still do recommend this tank based on quality and performance. Recommended.
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