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This is an excellent item to have when you are on a car trip with your pets, going for a hike with your pups or really doing anything outside for extended periods of time where they might need a drink (or a meal). I would consider this a must have item if you spend any time outside and have pets that you bring along.

This bowl is made from pretty thick silicone with a thick plastic bottom and thick plastic ring around the top with an eyelet for the carabiner clip to go thru. Its not like the really cheap plastic ones they had when i was a kid that would shatter or disintegrate after 10 or 20 uses. This feels like it will last a long time, very strong and sturdy. I would recommend this for anyone with animals. Excellent quality and great value for the price, this is the kind of bowl outdoor stores or large B&M pet stores sell for 15 or 20 bucks. It awesome fasttech provides them at a fraction of that cost.
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