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Immediate access to strobe Extremely bright for a single 18650 light Sturdy build Plentiful accessories Comes with 3100mAh protected cell (Klarus brand)
has PWM on the lowest mode (horrible)
I have always been a fan of the technology used by the XT series of Klarus lights. The only reason I have held off purchasing this since years back was due to the prevalence of PWM on all of their lights. Since I use the light for more than just its maximum output, PWM on the lower modes pose a problem for me. If I spend several hours using the light, I suffer from nausea and dizziness due to the PWM. Even if the pulsing of the light is invisible to the naked eye, it affects me after being illuminated by this light for several hours. I had initially assumed that this light no longer had PWM, but unfortunately, found that it still had this perennial issue on the light's lowest mode for this flashlight brand.

So if you plan to use this light for tactical use and keep it on its max and high modes, this should not bother you.

It is a good package for the light. Enough to suffice newbies to flashlights because the light has all you need for it to run: battery, micro usb charging port, usb cable, etc which enables it to function independently in lieu of a battery charger or any other devices needed to keep the light going. You can charge the light of a USB port on the computer or using your cell phone's charger.

For those of you planning to make your first purchase of next-generation flashlights and you do not have any accessories whatsoever, this is a good start for you. It will not disappoint.

I am a flashlight collector of several years now, I have seen the lights evolve over the years which is why I am quite critical on flaws I find in the design but don't let that deter you from this great light, it is a good buy, may not be the best, but good enough to start with for a tactical flashlight.
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