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Excellent Build Quality Excellent Design Great JFC System Wide AFC Setting Range Large Capacity Tank Lightweight Very Easy Top Fill Extra Tank and Good Size Spares Package
No Included Single Coil Deck Tight Build Space Messy Refill Process/Must Clean After Filling
In terms of class, design, style of vaping and build quality, I would put the Hussar RTA tank in the same class as Kayfun v5, Squape XDream and Hurricane v2. It is a very lightweight RTA and has a large capacity tank for a 22mm model. I find the design of JFC very innovative and impressive: It is very effective in supplying the ejuice to the wicks. But unlike most juice controls, after each refill, you don't get air compressed in the tank to push too much juice into your wicks.
In terms of the quality of this specific clone: the quality is excellent and comparable to the original. Threads are good and there was no smell of oil present at the time of delivery. There is an extra tank in the nicely stocked extras package. The AFC and JFC work flawlessly and very effectively. AFC works so well, this tank can be used very well by both MTL and DL vapers. The only complaint here is: the authentic tank is sold with single and dual coil deck options, but the clone manufacturers decided to include only the dual coil deck with this RTA. At the time of this review, I have seen a few suppliers carry the single coil deck, but nothing in the retail market with reasonable order quantities and free or low shipping changes.
Much like the Vaporesso Gemini RTA, the Included dual coil deck has a miniature airflow pole in the middle of the deck to supply air to the center of coils, that's why everything is built small and packed very tightly in this deck. It will not be a challenge for an experienced builder that's used to the tight spaces in the 22mm RTA decks. However, being spoiled with the recent 24-26mm tanks and the huge workspaces on their decks, you may need to remind yourself of the earlier days and builds. Wrap your microcoils tightly with a 28awg wire on 2-2.5mm cores and keep them close to the center, and you'll be rewarded with an exceptional flavor and vapor volume, very few 22mm premium tanks can rival.
This tank is well worth the price. The vapor it delivers is fantastic in terms of quality, quantity and intensity. The airflow is very well designed, so while delivering lots of flavor, it allows for a ton of vapor. The AFC is good enough for both MTL and DL vaping. Highly recommended for both Flavor and vapor chasers, and easily one of the best 22mm tanks in the market.
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