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Excellent Build Quality Fantastic Flavor Small Profile Very Light Easy to Build Very Stable Velocity Deck AFC Lots of Spares
No JFC Not for MTL Vapers Could Have SpitBack Hot Vape
This was my third Mage clone I ordered. The previous two had a very short positive center pin which secures the positive deck pole. So when building large coils, which this tank is really made for, the positive pole came loose. This specific SKU was the only I've seen with properly secure deck poles. It arrived with a little trace of machine oil, but was clean in general. The threads are smooth, although not the best. The driptip is beautiful combination of colors.
Now, to the tank: This RTA is one of very few steam machines that provide great to fantastic flavors, even with the AFC fully open. But there's a price to pay. This tank is designed with smaller profile(with a very short chimney) but larger coils in mind. Some people may not be happy with the warm to hot vape it generates. Also, there's a fine balance between too hot a vape in proper setting, and spitback when you lower the setting to get cooler vapor. There is no JFC system, so to fill up the tank without leaking, you'll have to pack a lot of cotton. But be careful you don't pack too much, or it will fail to wick properly when chain vaping. Based on the above, in my opinion, this tank is best suited for vapers with good build experience. Otherwise, you may find yourself tired of too many tries to get it right.
It will be a wonderful tank that makes a lot of vapor and provides amazing flavor tones, if you're willing to find the right setting that makes this tank so great. Recommended.
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