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Good airflow (on dual coil deck) Good flavour
Juice capacity is a joke orings are of bad quality Juiceflow control does not stay in place (spins all over the place) Drip-Tip comes off way too easily wicking is not great as the juiceflow holes are too small and the wick holes are a joke for the airflow and wicking needed airflow on single-coil deck is close to useless (not smooth at all, metal chips all over) airflow control is loose
I've had this for about 3-4 weeks by now and I really tied a lot of builds, Juices and wattage modes on this to try to get the performance to where it should be ...

The perfonrmance itself is just fine .... It's cloudy, it tastes good and it's a really nice vape.


Aside from the things I mentioned there are a couple of things that reeeeeeally need to be adressed by Cthulmods:

First of all .... Get your threads to perfection ... the threads on this device aren't totally crap, but for the amount of material used they are not smooth at all ... even at this pricepoint (comparing to Geekvape products)

The orings on this device are not only instable ... they don#t even fit in the places they're put in ... meaning you have a loose juiceflow control, a falling off drip-tip and potentially a shorting 510 ....

Get the airflow on the single-coil option correct ... they really did a good job on the dual coil, but the single coil option is just pathetic ... far away from direct airflow ... and rather remembering me to sucking air through a siver .... not smooth at all and definitely something that needs to be fixed to even call this "an option"

Get your wicking right! .... it would have been easy to put a good method of wicking in this RTA .... unluckily ... there is some kind of a rashed and not well thought out wicking solution, that just contradicts the size of coils you should build in this RTA ... also don't expect to wick 70 VG or higher ... as the space between chimney and glass is simply too small and airbubbles just get stuck in here ....

Also the airflow-control is kinda loos .... which is due to the bad orings on this device

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