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Cheap Fits Cleito atomizer perfectly Dual coil Comes with dual clapton, circa 0,5 ohm
Bad machining Bad engineering Had to work on it a little bit before using
Let's be clear about that rba: the idea is great. What is lacking is the machining and the engineering: first of all, the positive pin isn't threaded and screwed on the positive post, which is quite odd - to say the least. It's just "touching" the post, which works quite good until the deck is fitted into the atty's base, but as soon as you unscrew it, it can possibly fall apart. Upon the first build, I was continously getting the "atomizer short" message. I figured out that the lower part of the chimney's cap was touching the posts when screwed in. I had to file down the corners of both posts at an angle, and reducing the base of the chimney's cap a millimeter too. Now it's working quite good to speak the truth. Still, I can't get why the central positive pin isn't threaded to the positive post.
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