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Small Fits KF Prime Great battery life when not using Sub-Ohm coils
Not so great when using any coil lower than .8
I've been looking for a palm friendly mod for stealth vaping. I've gone through a few including but not limited to the Aspire Breeze, Envii Fitt, JUUL, etc. Although most of those mods listed are great for their size, the issue I have is none of them are rebuildable as I do not like relying on buying coils as most vapors know that over time, the coils for some mods become harder to come by as soon as the mod itself becomes obsolete within a few months to a year.

I came across this mod after doing some research for a replacement, and I think I honestly found a mod that could last a few years when paired with the KF Prime. I've been using it daily since I received it about a week ago and it's been performing great with no issues. Keep in mind I use 50mg salt based nic so I only build my coils at around 1.1 ohms. But with this setup, I can last at least 2 days between charges with my mod set to around 8watts.

If you're looking for a good mod that you'll pair with salt based nic, look no further than this with a KF Prime.
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