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Overall   (4.5)
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great value
a few niggles
OK a few reasons for this purchase..

No one has reviewed it yet so thought I'd take one for the team.
The switch looked like it might fit some odd panzer tubes I have lying about to make some kinda mutie-mod(it doesn't diff threads)
And I just wondered -- HOW GOOD CAN AN 11 DOLLAR MOD BE??
If you expect the answer to be--shit--WRONGgggggg.
It's really quite a nice un-pretentious workmanlike mech mod

Bonefire? Bonfire? chinglish? who's nice

Topcap nice pin and 510 thread(copper so careful or permanent heatsink) needed to do a bit of fettling inside topcap to accommodate protected batts..slight adjustment by thread on delrin possible, standard 2 screw contact and rattle adjustment(copper).
Nice thick tube, good smooth threads, lightly brushed finish, logo seems embossed (nice smooth edges) is it a flaming hand grasping a ball or a flaming ball..who cares looks nice, simple design.
Not convinced by the 'venting through switch' and really would have preferred delrin insulator but hey an o-ring can fix that up....switch is nice and smooth with a nice throw, locking ring smooth as always careful IT'S COPPER so will bind if you're not careful.
Switch button nice logo and seems individual serial.

One thing this is lovely soft copper throughout that patinas well and hits hard,,but it will ding if you stare at it too resign y'self to a dinged up beater mod or a 'shelf queen' either way great value.

Didn't expect much from this but was pleasantly surprised by both the workmanship and materials if you have 11 bucks going begging grab one now.

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