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Very well built and highly compact (14W dual panel) solar charger with two USB ports, good amperage output, and despite it is not in the description, nor in the pictures, the charger has a back foot, it can stand by itself and it can be oriented properly to the sun.
After some testing, hung from my window and pointing to the south (in Europe) in a sunny day, and charging at the same time a mobile phone, I charged a Panasonic 18650 3400 mAh battery through a retractable USB extension cable and a USB/microUSB cable, using a Nitecore battery charger, measuring 500 mA/hour with a USB power meter. I used the following things:

Considering that charging the same battery using a PC USB port is also 500 mA/hour, what can I say, this solar charger works extremely well!
I also tried it in a cloudy day, the panel charges slower, but it still works. Very satisfied. Recommended.
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