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Overall   (4.7)
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-So clean I vaped it right out of the box -Top air -Super easy to refill -DOES NOT LEAK -Good machining -Nice air flow -Good flavour -Doesn't need high watts
-Some might find the air flow a bit restrictive -A little bit of juice needs to be wiped after closing the top when refilling.
Like I said this RTA is worth every cent of the cost, you just can't go wrong buying one of these. After reading the reviews and checking out the pics of the Engine II I'd still choose this one. I don't have any problem with the air flow being too tight but apparently some do. Also the only con I noted was that if you don't wipe the ring that the fill hole is in before you push the top cap back down after refilling you will find that there is a bit of juice around the atomizer where the top cap fits against the rest of the body. It's not much and is easy to get rid of with a bit of tissue, heck in a pinch I've even wiped it off with my finger and wiped my finger on something (or someone) else...lol. I've found this atty to be fairly easy to wick it takes a bit of fiddling to find the right amount of wick to stuff down the holes but if you check out a couple of reviews on Youtube you'll get it right in no time at all. Another thing I like about the Engine I is that it doesn't require high watts to put out a good tasty cloud and you can re-wick and replace the coils without emptying the tank! So considering all those facts and the price you simply can not go wrong if you buy one of these atomizers....---RECOMMENDED---
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