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Excellent Build Quality Excellent Design Excellent Flavor Excellent Airflow Excellent Accessories Package Large Build Deck Shines with Clapton Coils Easy to Wick Top AirFlow Leak Resistant Design No Machine Oil At All
Not Designed for MTL Draw Requires High Wattage Likely to Have Spit Back May be Too Large for Some Mods
First off: I love this RTA and am already waiting for the 23mm version, which is more suited for my style of vaping. Now to the review:
This RTA is packaged very nicely and has all the required spares and goodies. The build quality of this RTA is fantastic and rivals the European made tanks. There's absolutely no trace of machine oil, grease smell or manufacturing junk. The build deck of this tank is a dream to work on: there's plenty of room for any type of coils: from the most simple to the ultra complex coils, including but not limited to large and sophisticated Claptons. The Air flow is very open, so expect a huge amount of vapor. The top airflow limits leaks and brings out intense and detailed flavor. There are a few very subjective cons, and depending on style of vaping, some can actually be considered as pros: being a 25mm tank, The Engine works best with larger coils that require lots of power. So, make sure you have a high power 80 watt plus mod that takes a few 18650 batteries to let you vape for a reasonably long time. Another con is having an open airway and the lack of tighter air flow makes this tank best suited for direct lung hits and MTL vapers will not find it a good tank to use. Next con is the 25mm size may be too large for smaller mods to sit on. Next con I noticed was having a short chimney and running this tank in higher power ranges results hotter vapor than a lot of people prefer. The last con is, even though it's a very easy tank to build, there's a delicate line between making the perfect vapor, and a lot of pop, crackles and Spit Back hitting the mouth. Don't misunderstand me: all these cons are subjective and some are due to the vaping style, which the 23mm model hopefully solves. This tank is one of the best I've used and I can hardly wait to find, buy and build the 23mm model. Highly recommended.
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