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Excellent Design Excellent Build Quality Excellent Juice Flow Design Great Flavor Great Airflow Control Design Clean Out of Box Included Single and Dual Coil Decks Roomy Decks Extra Included Drip Tip Large Extras Package Extra Glass Tank Removable Anti-Spit Back
Low Tank Capacity Tends to Leak if Overfilled Anti-Spit Back Muffles Flavor Airflow to Open for MTL
This attractive little Tank totally deserves the Goblin V3 title as most cons in the previous two models have been addressed and almost completely removed. It's small, very well designed, and completely clean out of the box. The airflow control works very well, although not fully satisfying the MTL vapers, in my opinion. The juiceflow control works very well and tends to close when the tank is being removed, which could be very helpful. Both single and Dual Coil Decks, with ample build room, are included and are very easy to install and secure. There's an included removable anti-spit back option which could be very useful with bigger builds, Clapton coils, and other longer to heat builds, but tends to mute the flavor a little. There are also two included drip tips in the package.
There are a few cons, but most are really subjective: the tank capacity is small, but that's why it's called mini, there's a extension add-on available for purchase. As helpful as the anti-spitback is, it does muffle the flavor. This tank is really a flavor chaser, it does make decent vapor, but not enough for competitions. Being a flavor chaser, I found the airflow control a little too loose for MTL vaping and prefer to take direct lung hits with it. And the last con is, by design, the top filling system tends to trap air in the tank. So, if it is overfilled, compressed air tends to push the juice into the chamber and cause a minor leak. Of course, to prevent a leak, you can do the following: fill the tank, close the top, turn the tank upside down, then open the juice flow control, to allow air to escape through juice flow holes.
Overall, this attractive tank is an excellent compact choice with very little to complain about. It is a great choice to add to a stealthy and compact mod, and make an excellent pocket Vaper. Highly recommended.
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