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Small Good flavor BF Pin Looks
Fiddly Deck Crappy screws
Thought I was gonna rave about this before I got it, but turned out a to be plain allright.

First of all flavor is good but nothing to die for and then start the problems.

Positive post screws are the tinniest. 1mm screwdriver won't catch mine, luckily provided screwdriver does. Screws also stripped first couple of builds but yeh clone screws are always crap.
Whole deck is weird, its not massive but you need to make big, long coils so as not to have long legs at weird angles, which limits you to thick or parallel wires. Also when attaching the coil to the negative post you have to go from the side nearest to the positive block or else your coil leg will be sitting smack in the middle over your wick hole. You end up with a coil leg too close for comfort to both posts.

Then there is the filling through that tiny hole which limits you to needle tip bottles - a pain with max VG. To be fair this part was better than expected as the tiny tank ensures the ordeal is over fast.

None of that is really terrible but as there are other atomizers out there with equally good or better flavor and easier setup, I can't see myself using this much. Might change my mind about this atty if my squonk mod ever ships.
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