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Authentic product Easier to operate than older style AFC base.
Only available in bare stainless steel, not in the black, red or white that genuine toptanks were also produced in. I was lucky that my old-style one was stainless steel.
Now all my toptank minis have the later (and much better) afc base :D
The old style one is very stiff and difficult to operate with arthritis - I had to use one of those atomiser grippers built into the handle of some ceramic tweezers. This is completely smooth.
A very worthwhile upgrade.
If the lack of availability in the other original colours is a real problem for you, I guess you could paint it, although getting a match might be difficult. Luckily, the tank I wanted to upgrade was already stainless steel.
The old style one will get a graceful retirement as a base for coiling and wicking RBAs for both the toptank mini and protank 4 - I know the RBA will fit straight onto a build deck, but this way I will avoid getting juice where juice should not be when priming the wick! And I'll never have to move that $%^&* AFC ring again!
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