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+Looks amazing +Feels rather comfy in the hands +Plates can be swapped with others +Clicky buttons +Good size for a 2*18650 mod
-Firing button could be somewhat bigger -Minor bit of overhang on one side
This is such a wonderful boxmod, I really love the plates on it. You can actually easily switch the plates with others if you get tired of this look.

The size is pretty good for a dual 18650 mod, it's smaller than expected. It's definitely smaller and more comfortable in the hands than my trusty Sigelei 150. There's a minor bit of overhang on one side when using 22mm attys, thanks to the rounded edges and the placement of the 510 connector. It's barely noticable and it doesn't bother me but I wouldn't use anything bigger than 22mm on it.

Works well for me in VW mode and haven't tried the TC modes because I'm just not all that into TC.
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