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Overall   (3.7)
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It's cheap and it works. It fits kanger coils which you can buy anywhere You get 3 coils (2 premade and a rebuildable deck with 2 coils and enough cotton for 4 builds) Plenty of extra screws and a screwdriver
The build quality isn't the best Lots and lots of spitback using the premade coils No extra O rings. This thing will need O rings. Almost impossible to unscrew the base when the coil is hot.
Nickel coil comes in the tank! Unless you have a temperature control capable mod change it out immediately! It's a hazzard if you don't.

There was a metal shaving left in the chimney, the top cap doesn't really close fully, I'm still not sure if it's where the condensation is coming from, had to clean the top of the tank every 20 or so puffs.

The drip tip only has 1 O ring, definitely would be better with two as spitback and condensation happen very often.

The lower O ring on the glass seems to be too small. I didn't have any leakage yet, but I'm pretty sure it's coming soon.

Also, it's not a 1:1 clone of the original. The airflow is built differently, instead of having 3 settings it just has two slits which can be regulated. It's not necessarily better or worse, it's just different. Can't imagine using this thing as an MTL tank though, when you close off the airflow it whistles.

Other than that, it's a working tank, a beater you won't feel sorry for if you lose or break, but will feel happy to have when the nicotine cravings kick in. Perfect to bring into moshpits or construction sites or whatever...
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