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Works well enough Can use SKU2906100 SKU5367000 SKU2906000 and a few more Good for testing juice experiments
Tiny juice capacity Good, but not great flavour
This is a cheap and functional tank. I use it to try small amounts of juice I mix up. The flavour is passable but it certainly aint spectacular. The coil it comes with is yuck, I replaced it pretty quickly with SKU2906100 and it was much nicer. The juice capacity is what really lets it down. Admittedly, I did buy it to test small amounts of juice but the capacity on this is pretty ridiculous. I worked out a way of filling it with a larger amount of juice though......

First, unscrew the top of the juice bottle you're filling the tank with - you'll be using one hand only in a sec.
Next, while holding tightly to the glass portion of the tank with the fingers of one hand (you might have to contort a bit but I found that all I had to do was grip tightly), pull downwards towards the base and carefully unscrew the top part of the tank that contains the drip tip holder (the top silver part of the tank).
If you do it slowly and carefully you'll be able to remove the top while still holding pressure on the glass to the bottom (coil-side) part of the tank.
Now grab your juice bottle with the other hand and top-fill the tank. You can get almost all the way to the top, and twice as much than bottom-filling.
Don't let your glass-holding grip ease off!
Screw the top part back on and there you go, a much fuller tank!
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