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Built very well Threading is clean Outstanding flavor Included coil is good Tiny for stealth setups
AFC screw loose and fiddly and really not needed
What a great find! This is one of the best mouth to lung tanks I've used to date. If you prefer direct to lung, move along, this isn't for you. This tiny beauty is built VERY well and fairly clean out of the box, but as always you should clean anything that goes in your mouth and soak coils in vodka before use. I never expected something as generic as this to be so flavorful. This tank has me tasting my DIY juices like no other, almost too intense. The air flow screw is loose and fiddly, but really isn't needed at all unless you like the sensation of sucking a milkshake through a straw. Everything on this tank is great quality, the glass is thick walled and the drip tip is becoming one of my favorite. The included GS Air style coil is good, time will tell how long it will last. I've been chain vaping this with 50/50 PG/VG and not a single dry hit with the tank almost empty.Pairing this with a Mini iStick makes one of the coolest pocketable stealth setups ever with decent run time and the 510 post allows it to sit flush on mods without spring loaded pins. Note that this will look rather silly on big box mods or tubes, this is smaller than it appears. It's shorter than an EVOD or Mini Protank even with the drip tip attached. I'm definietly buying several more of these. Replacement glass would be a welcome accessory but at this price buy a few and you're set for replacment parts.
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