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This thing is a monster! I don't have all of the leaking problems that everyone else has. But I also don't use the pre-made cores. I use the rba core.
With this included RBA Core, this thing is awesome! It's pretty much an rta. And one of the best! With dual kanthal Staggered fused coils, I get better flavor from this than many other rta's such as the Kylin, the Destiny, The Creed and Zeus x. The only thing that gives me more flavor is the Bravo RTA and the Taifun GT4 5ml. Other than that, this thing is amazing.. The tfv12 Prince and the rba core that you can get for that is also just as good.
All in all, I highly recommend this tank.

And look, after all of the hype, and everyone saying "it's the end of vaping!" lol most websites have secured new shipping carriers and we can still receive vape mail. I even received my last order from FT straight from USPS. So to all of you who said I was crazy,.... Hahahaha told ya!
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