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Should never have passed quality control Base section press fit, lifts up and down Wobbles while attached to mod LEAKS LIKE A SIVE
Awaiting documentation from FT to post back, I expect I've been the unlucky one as mine should never have been sent out by the SMOK. You can't strip the base section other than build deck as they are press fitted, mine was so poorly fitted that you can lift the top section up and down from the base when attached to a mod, needless to say it also wobbles from side to side. Because of the up and down play, the juice control does not fully close and seal the glass tank section, therefore as you fill with juice it gushes out of the air flow holes. Even with air flow closed it still leaks, as soon as you open the air flow the juice that's built up in the bottom section floods out. I'm disappointed in SMOK with this design, I've been using their TFV4 for some months and have no complaints, but it has no juice control adjustment. SMOK should stick to simple tanks until they developed a system that does not include press fitting of parts, any press fitting that is designed to move will eventually wear and the consequences will be what I've had delivered to me, a useless tank!
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