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Small and compact (at first look)
spring stuck, Leaking all over also with included 0,5ohm coils as with the additionally purchased 2 Ohm coil. The also purchased RBA-Section i dit not try, because the other thing were more then enough.

On my item the spring stuck, it was leaking all over (into my jacket) 1 lost plenty of liquid, money for cleaning my ruined jacket and at cleaning the atomizer finally the glass broke. (at a closer look it seem to be glued in or mounted press fit so it can not easily been removed.)
Because it is the only iSub-Device, i owned, i had to throw the also ordered spare glass tank, the 2 Ohm coil and the RBA-unit (which was delievered with a big dent on the box) away with this flimsy, leaking little piece of .... .
And the dialog with the so called Support also as the so called provided solution was finally the - i call it - whip-cream on the cake...
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