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Good idea
But average implementation
I guess joyetech wasn't too inspired with that one.

I've been rebuilding .6 MTL heads for some time at .8 ohm for my D22.
Quite tricky considering the resistance and the wick must be high enough in the head to free the bottom airflow slots inside or you'll end up with a burnt insulator, like I did once.

This particular RBA does not have those no airflow slots, so imo no risks of burnt plastic taste in your mouth, besides it's bigger and more open to the eye, so it's easier to rebuild but not that different from the regular .5 or .6 heads.

The screw system is a good foolproof idea but it's so small, having a spare included will prove handy, then again I'm not sure you really need it anyway.

I haven't noticed worse airflow or flavour than the regular heads.
I use 316L SS, 28 AWG wire and the TC works on pico and vtc mini.

All in all, it's not an exciting product but a convenient one, especially with vertical coils.
Of course it cannot compare to the ease of use of RTAs.

Btw the RBA doesn't fit the D22.
So I guess I'll be rebuilding .6 heads for some time.
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