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more room than I expected Cool .. just cool. No more stuffed pockets Easy access to my gear clips to backpack OR to belt loop on the Levi's can run a belt through it
For a fiend like me I want to take everything, every where. Definitely NO cons here
It easily handled my mod and a 30ml bottle of e-juice. I even put my Noisy Cricket mod in the zippered section (without batteries in it of course) just to see what I could stuff in it. lol... And there was leftover room. Yes a 200 KBOX, a noisy cricket, and 30ml bottle of juice, and there was still room !! You could easily take all you need for a full day of vaping.. coils, batteries, cotton, and spare driptip, or what ever. I ordered three so I could have two setups packed and ready to travel depending on what I want to carry for the day plus one for a gift to my buddy who got me started vaping. Some of the really big mods may have trouble getting in,but there should be no problem with most. At this price, this item is a great value. A solid buy here ! Thanks Fasttech :-)

Greg ..
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