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Its a well built clone.
It gets very hot very quickly. If you like a cool vape, this might not be the tank for you.
Scratch that last review. I realised why the top cap wouldn't sit flush. It was due to thr connector the drip tip fits into that needed adjusting.

The only real serious flaw with this tank is that the spare delrin drip tip is the wrong size. In fact, it won't fit on any of ny tanks. But a new o ring on the drip tip woukd sort it out.

The "no atomizer" issue seems to be common on the otigibal avo 22 too, and is easiky resolved, so the only major issue is the spare drip tip.

Otherwise, its a well built clone. Really solid.

Unfortunately, i like a cool vape, which i jiat can't seem to get on here. May i just need to find the right build for it.

But regsrdkes, this tank definitely gets hot very quickly, even with a single .5 ohm coil in it.

Anyway, forget my last two reviews. This is the most well informed one.

Its a good clone. So if you like a hot vape, don't mind the wrong drip tip and don't mind the tank getting very hot very quickly, then buy it.

Hope my review was helpful.

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