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Small but takes an 18650 battery and has TC
No cons but I miss the puff counter and puff timer in the vtc mini
With a smaller atomizer like the SV rda clone this makes a very compact rig, comparable to the original egrip. The TC works fine. I run it at the identical settings as my vtc mini. The Pico is a joy for pocket carry. The handling experience is improved with a silicone sleeve, which is true for most every mod I've used including the vtc mini. The vtc mini is a little easier to handle because it is taller but that also makes it less easy in a pocket. I expect to be buying some extra mods because of government interference here in the US. I'll be getting a couple each of both picos and vtc mini's. Both have their points. At these prices you might as well own both. If I had to choose one it would be the vtc mini by a hair because of the puff counter and timer but the small size of the Pico is really nice when being discrete matters.
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