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Overall   (4.2)
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-flavour -perfect amount of airflow -dense, almost wet vape at 25-30w -flavour
-filling method and deck are so 2014 - fill hole screw needs to be sandd down, otherwise it will scratch yout mods
The closest this compares to is the Billow V2. But while the Billow is so much more conveniant to use (other than building which is about the same) the Silverplay is the much better atty. When it comes to the smoothness of the airflow and above all else the flavour und the density of the vapor the Silverplay V2 (as does it's predecessor) stands tall above the competition.

It's really cumbersome in usage, but they put some magical fairie dust in it to make it something special. It vapes more satisfyingly with simple awg 26 microcoils at 25w than my Conqueror does with claptons at 60w.

I got lots of stuff and this is still one of my favourites. Too bad I can't review the V1 anymore...

Highly recommended.

p.s.: The AFC-ring stays on the atty after some lubing up and forceful convincing.
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