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-works well if you can use them right. -doesn't break so easily. -good lock. -good tension tools. -decent build quality
-nothing compared to high quality kit. -metal quality. -bends. -carrying pouch. *if you are a new picker, none of them should be a problem.*
if you need something to start with, this might be it, even though the metal isn't that great, it does the job.
metal isn't pure stainless steel, and it needs a little bit sanding, tension tools are ok, grip is hard plastic but it doesn't really matter, i have had these for a month and none of them is broken. you can buy this but you might want to buy better kit pretty soon because you know there is better kits available.
the lock is a bit smaller that i expected but it works as it should, i actually found out that even if there is no clear way to take the lock apart, you will get it open and be able to change the pins, springs etc. by lifting the first pin with long hook and the top piece will pop open and then you can take it apart. (do at your own risk.)
the lock is also pretty smooth so for a first lock, this might be your choice, with the picks or not.
the whole set comes in two separate parts, hard plastic case with the lock inside and
transparent plastic bag which turned to be really really bad. i would even consider something like e-cigarette case or something.

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