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Excellent Design. Excellent Build. Heavy Duty. Functional Design. Durable Metal Belt Clip. Streamlined On Belt Position. Excellent Space Utilization.
Space Could Still Be Better Utilized.
After purchasing 4 or 5 vapers cases and pouches, I finally got this one that can be used by wearing, and on daily basis. Don't get me wrong: every other case and pouch I got is very good. And, unfortunately, very bulky. What I most appreciate in a compact carry pouch, is how space is utilized. And space has really be optimized in this pouch, comparing to the others I've tried. First, it sits very close to the body, and does not lean forward when worn on belt. So, it can be worn without looking like Batman's 1950's utility belt! It has a main pocket, that has enough room for larger mods, with a cover that curves on one side to allow for a tank. There's a pocket on the side that fits a 50ml Juice bottle, or a 30ml bottle, and an Ego One mod and tank(secured to the elastic that's on top of this pocket for taller stuff) as a backup device. Behind the main pocket, there is a small pocket that fits an 18650 battery or anything of the same size, and a larger pocket to fit another battery, or any other accessory you prefer to carry. Physically, this pouch is nice looking and made of quality material. All the stitching is with thick threads, and mostly double stitched, which makes this pouch very durable and heavy duty. A metal belt clip is secured the the back which adds to the durability. Highly recommended to a Vaper that likes to carry his juice and backup Vape equipment with him/her all the time.
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