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Smooth threading Excellent top fill system Adjustable air flow Adjustable juice flow
Occasional minor seepage
The quest for the perfect atomizer is long, expensive, and filled with disappointment. I stopped counting at fifty atty's. After my last buying binge, I gave it a rest for a few months and just recently purchased some of the newer RTA's to hit the market. The Bachelor is one of them and, though it isn't perfect, it's a huge improvement over all the other single coil atomizers I have. Up to now, my favorite single coil was the very flawed Lemo 2, which produces good vapor and very good flavor, but leaks like a sieve. I'm not a huge cloudz guy, but I do like a fair amount of vapor, and IMO the Bachelor produces an ample amount. During my 47 years of smoking cigarettes, I switched brands perhaps 3 times. I'm the same way with vaping, and only vape my own home-made 30/70 tobacco juice. The flavor is very good with this RTA and I've had no issues with my 70% VG juice.

Until now, every single RBA/RTA/Clearomizer I've used has eventually leak, no matter how it was wicked. What has impressed me the most with the Bachelor is that it really hasn't leaked. What I do get after extended use is a small amount of seepage, which I suspect is the result of condensation primarily, and is far more manageable and acceptable.

Many of these newer atomizers offer adjustable juice flow control, which I have come to truly appreciate, and having AFC is just standard now days. The top fill system on the Bachelor is a breeze to use. Just make sure you shut of the juice and air flow controls before opening to fill.

I use both single and dual coil atomizers, but prefer the single coil for simplicity, as long as I can get good vapor and flavor. My Lemo 2 is now permanently retired.
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