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fire button goes in too much 510 on same side as fire button
Got this for my wife and she is really happy with it. Her mod got noticed and commented on while we were out quite a bit today. Several guys said they would rock it in purple too, and I just raised an eyebrow and left it alone. I enjoyed setting it up for her and creating a home screen with unicorns for her, and now I have to edit her entire theme and add a unicorn to every screen...yay ;(

I paired this with a crown tank and purple replacement glass and a purple w/white swirl drip tip. She also has a purple tugboat rda, a doge v3 rda in SS and a SS Krixus to go along with this set up and they all match up very well with the mod.

The fire button goes in too far, or I'm just used to pushing hard and I sink it in. I'm also not a fan of the pin being on the same side as the fire button, the only other mod I have like this is the Rx200 paper weight and maybe that's another reason I don't care for that mod.

All in all a nice cheap DNA200 that is a real eye catcher. I'll post a pic for ya's
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