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Pretty colors.
Item has counterfiet LEDs, not Crees.
Item has counterfiet LEDs, not Crees. Item does not output 4900 lumens, it does 800-1000 at best. My 300 lumen flashlight is brighter, and can clearly be seen over the beam of this bike light. It is so dim, you can use it to repel moths.

Unit is not sealed against water, has a 9mm hole at the bottom of the lamp, where the power wire enters the lamp body, no gasket or grommet to seal the lamp body.

Battery pack case used to attach to the bike is made out of cheap nylon fabric that is glued together, not stitched. A seam split open and the battery pack fell out the first time I tried to attach it. Junk.

Battery pack itself are 6 mystery 18650s shrink wrapped crookedly. I will never buy another LED product here. Fasttech Customer Service was made aware of the fake Cree LEDs, and bogus specs, and refuses to change the description of this product.

Avoid this and other LED products here that advertise Cree LEDs.

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