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-Light -Touch screen! -Instant firing -Complete features -DIY mode! -Battery life -Ti/Ni/SS/Power (kanthal or else)DIY TC modes
-Hell no
Ok,this must be an unlove mod,your loss!

At first its a bit mazy but after a couple days you navigate the menus quickly.
Everything is adjustable.

The DIY mode is something else;
It let you adjust the power in joules from 10j(guess) to 100j (indicated) every second over a 20 seconds vape time curve!

Do you really need 200 wartz with that feature? Nope!

I charge it with my TOMO powerpack (on the 1amp output) SKU 1592501 its way faster than anything else (it does it exactly at 1.07Amp and tappers off as it completes,awesome combo)

Battery life is impressive,can go for almost 2 full days (its 2x1300mah lipos after all) and that`s vapin the hell out of it.

Also,this mod doesn't go to sleep;even if the screen goes off,if you touch the button its ready to vape no matter how long you didn't touch it.

The switch is easy to operate,if you lay it on its side switch side,it will fire under its own weight.If you have problems with your fingers,this is for you.

I love it...if I would break it,I`d be in line to get another one for sure.
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