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Wonderful flavour Last ages
Can leak if cotton not distributed properly- Innokin know about this.
My friend has several T18 tanks and loves them - but the coils do let them down.
If you open the coil package - have a look to make sure there is cotton filling every hole in the housing. If all the holes have cotton filling them - they will be fine.
If it doesnt it will leak. You can get round this by using a cocktail stick, needle or similar and just pulling the cotton to fill all the holes. Tonight I have also tried putting some extra cotton in to see if this helps - awaiting her to test them.
She has written to Innokin and they told her a similar method - so basically admitting a lot of coils have this fault - she has bought many from Fasttech and other UK stores (so not just Fasttech!) - all genuine Innokin and many showing the same problem. So its a Manfacturer fault.
Make sure that the drip tip is fully pushed into the tank as this seals the top of the coil - if it isnt sealed you will get spitting/ flooding or leaking from the bottom pin of the tank.
When replacing coil remove the drip tip to make sure the coil is fully seated in the tank. Replace the drip tip after installing the bottom tank cap.

Hopefully if you are aware of it and make the slight adjustment this tank will continue to perform to its wonderful capabilities.
I have a T20-S to review and the coils on this only have 1 ring of holes mid way up - so hopefully this problem shouldnt occur. I have only been using it a day so bit early to tell!
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