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I have been using this mod several days now and I really enjoy it. SXK makes nice mods and this one is no exception. I have been using this on ss316L wires and the vaping experience is smooth. There's no hiccup in power delivery, i.e., it won't hit the set temperature immediately then shuts it down to 1 or 2 watts so u vape nothing but air. I set the TCR to 10, the lowest I can go even though for SS 316L it should be set to 9, but I am not too picky about it. I don't bother to do the cotton dry burn test though.

The battery life is ok because I can get one day vape out of it. I received a 1600 mah lipo, wrapped in blue, instead of 1500 mah that some others received. The screen is bright, really bright comparing to some other mods that I have, even the background lights up, and the font size is big too.

The ohm reading seems to be more accurate now comparing to the older sxk mods that I own.

The buttons are nice and responsive, and I think they are better than the Reuleaux's because the Reuleaux's buttons, sometimes when pressed 5 times, won't turn on the mod and I have to press the center of the fire button 5 times to make it understand that I want it to power on/off. If sometimes I press the button on the side, it may miss the reading of one or two pressings.

Things that I am picky about this mode include the 510 is only adjustable, reverse threaded, and not spring-loaded; the charge time is quite long and I wish the battery is 1800 mah, but I have been shopping around for a good lipo battery but it's not easy to find a good one that fits in because they are either too long or too wide for this mod.

Overall I like it a lot. It looks beautiful and well-made. Although it's not small, it's not that big either. It's pretty light weight too so u can carry it in ur pocket and don't feel a thing.
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